Account Register allows user to view accounts’ entries for reconciliation and for reconciled entries. Below actions are available from“Account Register”:

Samooha icon2  Reconcile and unreconcile account’s journal entry, view and search for account summary

Account Register

Note: There are three types of currencies that will be shown under Account Register as tabs on top right of the screen:

1. Account’s Currency; this tab is only shown when the selected account is any of the following type:

Samooha icon2 Current Asset account

Samooha icon2 Liability account

Samooha icon2 Customer account

Samooha icon2 Vendor account

Samooha icon2 Employee account

2. Base Currency; this tab is only shown when the selected account’s base currency is different from the currency use by the (user’s) company

Account Register - base currency

3. Group Currency; this tab shows the company’s group currency

Field Name
Mandatory Information
Account Select an account to view Y
Fiscal Select a fiscal year to view Y
From Select starting date to view account entries N
Till Select end date to view account entries N
Journal Select a journal or select all journals to view Y
Show Select an option to filter the records shown N


Reconcile and Unreconcile Account’s Journal Entry

1. Select an account and fiscal year from the drop-down lists at the top left of the screen, it will pull up all the account’s journal entries for the selected fiscal year

Account Register1

2. Select journal entries from the table to reconcile / unreconcile, the selected entries must have same total amount of debit and total amount of credit (balanced). See the currency tabs on top right of screen to check the selected total debit, credit, and balance amounts

Account Register2

3. Click “Reconcile” button at the bottom right of the screen to reconcile the selected entries

4. Click “Unreconcile” button at the bottom right of the screen to unreconcile the selected entries

Account Register3


View and Search for Account Summary

1. Enter search parameter to filter the result, i.e. type in the account name in the search textfield box at the bottom left of the screen

account register search

2. Click “Print” button at the bottom left of the screen to preview and print the report, or export the report as pdf or excel file

Account Register print