Audit Trail Register allows user to view audit trail / log for journal entries, to see who modified the entries and when. Below actions are available under “Audit Trail Register”:

Samooha icon2  View and search audit log for journal entries that were modified by users

Audit Trail Register

Field Name
Mandatory Information
Account Select an account to view or select all Y
Journal Select an journal to view or select all Y
Modified By Select to view documents trail which were modified by a certain user or select all users Y
Date Range Select period of documents to view Y
From Self-explanatory Y
Till Self-explanatory Y


View and Search for Audit Log for Journal Entries Modified by Users

1. Select account from drop-down list on top left of screen and click refresh_button button on top of screen

2. Enter search parameter to filter the result, i.e. type in the document number in the search textfield box at the bottom left of screen

Audit Trail Register2

3. Right click on a record and select an option to see more details

Audit Trail Register1