Company is able to manage the departments in the company using “Departments”. Below are available actions for “Departments”:

Samooha icon2  Create new department, modify and delete department.

Samooha icon2  View the employees list

Samooha icon2  Assigned & un-assign employees to/from the selected department.

Deparments details


Field Name
Mandatory Information
Department Code Unique Code for the department


Department Name Name of the department


Department Head Name of the department head


Department Manager Name of the department manager


Parent Department Select the main department


Grouping Department Tick to allow sub departments under the department


Description Description



Create New Department:

1. Fill the Department code & the Department name

2. Choose the Department head & the Department manager

3. Optional: Grouping Department, if this checkbox is ticked, it allows user to define sub departments under this departmentDeparments grouping

4. Optional: User may select a parent department for the department, if any department was created as a grouping department

Deparments group parent

5. Click on the “Revert” button to undo changes.

6. Click on the “Save” button to save


Modify Department:

1. Select the department to modify in the Department list

2. Update the information required.

3. Click on the “Revert” button to undo the changes

4. Click on the “Save” button to save changes


Search for Department/Employee/Assigned Employee:

1. Click in the respective search field of the Department/Employee/Assigned Employee list

2. Type in search criteria; for example the department code, employee name, department head or others to filter the list.

Deparments search


Delete Department:

1. Select department to delete from the Department list

2. Click on the “Delete” button

3. Click on “Yes” to confirm

*Note: Deletion of a department is possible only if no transactions used the department


Assign & Un-assign Employees to/from a Department:

1. Select a department to assign employee(s) under the department.
2. Select employee(s) from “Employees” list. Click on the “ assign_button ” button to assign the employee to the selected department.

3. Select employee(s) from “Assigned Employees” list. Click on “ unassign_button ” to unassign the employee from the selected department.

Deparments assign
*Note: Every employees must be assigned under a department for transaction purpose