Set distance limit and mileage allowance for different vehicle types for transport expense claim purpose. Below are available actions for “Mileage Claim Settings”:

Samooha icon2  Create new mileage claim settings, modify and delete

Mileage Claim Setting details


Field Name
Mandatory Information
Vehicle Type Type of vehicle


Up to Distance (KM) Maximum distance (in KM) claimable for the vehicle type


Mileage Allowance Allowance for the mileage (per KM)


Expense Category Category of expense



Create New Mileage Claim Settings:

1. Click on “ Add” at the top right corner of the screen to create the new mileage claim.

Mileage Claim Setting add

2. Select the Vehicle below the “Vehicle Type” tab.

3. Fill up the information.

4. Click on “ Add” or “Enter” to save the new settings.


Modify the Mileage Claim Settings:

1. Select the mileage claim settings to modify in the settings list

2. Update the information required

3. Click on “ Add” or “Enter” to save the changes


Delete the Mileage Claim Settings:

1. Select the mileage claim settings to delete in the setting list.

2. Right click on the selected setting

mileage claim setting delete

3. Click “Yes” to confirm delete the document.

mileage claim setting delete2