The Transfer Receipt view allows user to process stocks receipt for receiving warehouse of a stock transfer order. Below are available actions for the user from “Transfer Receipt” view:

Samooha icon2  Process transfer receipt


Field Description
Mandatory Information
Document Type Type of the document Y
Document Date Self-Explanatory Y
Document Number Self-Explanatory Y
Reference Number Self-Explanatory N
Branch Which office or store Y
From Warehouse Self-Explanatory Y
To Warehouse Self-Explanatory Y
Representative Self-Explanatory N
Staging Locator Where the items is located Y
Description Free text field- user can write additional info N
Item /Articles Self-Explanatory Y
Notes / Attachments User can attached documents, photos…etc. N
Posting View the journal entry posting in accounts for this document transaction N
Product Brand Select product brand(s) to filter products N
Filter Enter keyword(s) to filter / search for products N
Product Product code of the item Y
Description Description of the item N
UOM Type of the item (Unit of Measure) Y
Quantity Number of quantity of the item to transfer Y
Unit Cost Cost per item Y
Line Total Total cost for the transferred product Y
Grand Total Total cost for all the items on the stock transfer Y


Process Transfer Receipt:

1. Transfer receipt document is created from Inventory – (Logistic) Stock Transfer when the stock transfer document was posted. User can open the corresponding stock transfer receipt from stock transfer document view or select from list of stock (transfer) receipt and double click on the document to process

2. Click on “Confirm Stock Receipt” button at the bottom of screen to confirm the stock receipt.

3. Click on “Post Stock Receipt” button at the bottom left of screen to post the Transfer Receipt. A link to Putaway document will show up above “Generate Report” button after the posting. “Postings” tab will be automatically fill up with journal entries of the Transfer Receipt