delivery-order Delivery Order

The Delivery Order view allows the user to view and manage the company’s outbound orders.

picking Picking

Picking application allows user to manage the picking documents of inventory of all the delivery confirmations.

packing Packing

Using GOOMI’s Packing application, user can manage the packing process for products that have completed the picking process to prepare it for goods delivery.

goods-delivery Goods Delivery

Goods Delivery view allows user to manage and process goods delivery for outbound items after packing process.

proof Proof of Delivery

It refers to receipt signed by a consignee or recipient, confirming delivery of a shipment in good order and condition. The proof of deliveries view allows the user to view the list of all deliveries that has been completed.

vendor-returns Vendor Returns

Vendor Returns view allows user to manage returning purchases to vendors. This could be partial or full return of the purchase order items.