pos-entry Point Of Sale Entry

Enter new sales transactions, receive payment for transactions; recall sales transaction to cancel or print, issue gift voucher, view and search for sales transaction history

ctrl-cash-register Control Point Of Sale

View POS daily closing transactions history / report

ticket-history Ticket History

Ticket History view allows user to view POS Entry (cash register) sales transaction tickets / receipts. User able to preview and print the (simplified) sales tickets / (full) receipts.

pos-entry Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale is to handle direct sales transaction at the company’s warehouse; Posting of retail transactions from POS Entry is done here; Create new sales transaction; update, delete, view and search for sales transaction details; View/Post POS Entry Day Closings to General Ledger

voucher Voucher

Create / issue new voucher for retail customer; update, split, delete, view and search for voucher

product-tag Print Product Tags

View, search, and print product price tags