Print Product Tags view allow user to view and print product tags. Below actions are available under Print Product Tags:

Samooha icon2 Create new and print product price tags

Samooha icon2 View, search, and delete product price tags document

 Print Product Tags - new


Field Name
Mandatory Information
Date Date of the tags printing Y
Document Number Document number of the tags printing Y
Name Name of the tags printing document Y
Customer Company’s customers Y
Description Self-explanatory Y
Product Brand Self-explanatory N
Filter Keywords to filter the products shown on the table data N
Barcode Barcode of product to print tags Y
Description Self-explanatory Y
Quantity Number of tags to print Y
List Price List price to print on the tag(s) for the product Y


Create New and Print Product Price Tags Document

1. Click Create New button to enter new product price tags printing scheme

2. Fill up header’s information.

3. Enter products’ barcodes to be printed and the quantity in the table below. Press ENTER or click plus_button button.

4. Click onSave button to save the product price tags printing scheme

Print Product Tags - create new

5. Click on Print to print the report, a window will show up with options to:

Samooha icon2  Print: print the shown result table report

Samooha icon2  Export: select option to export as PDF or excel file

Samooha icon2  Preview: preview the report as PDF file

Samooha icon2  Cancel: cancel print and close the window

Print Product Tags - print

Below is preview example of product tags / barcodes.

Print Product Tags - preview


View, Search, and Delete Product Price Tags Document

1. Click History button and bottom left of screen, a Product Tag History window will show up.

2. Enter search parameter from the search textfield at the top of the screen. Click on any product tag history record to show the details in the main window then click OK button.

Print Product Tags - history

3. To delete the opened product tags document, click on Delete button at the bottom right of screen

4. Click onYes button on the pop-up window to confirm record deletion

Print Product Tags - delete