account setting Account Settings

These account settings are done by the administrator and it identifies the posting, it allows analytical plans and thus the crust of project is hit by Account Settings. The purpose to set these settings is to ensure that the Project documents are entered into accounting system in correct accounts.

account category Account Category

Account Category display the list of defined accounts categories for different product types. Within each account category, user is able to view the list of products classified under the particular account category.

product Products

The Products application in the Project Masters allows the user to create record of product’s (master) details and it’s accounts settings. User can also see price lists associated with the product, stock movement and usage.

brands-icon Brands

The Brands listing is created to identify the customer and what product/services they are offering.

activities-icon Activities

The Activities application will allows the user to create new and manage projects’ activities types.

sales price list-icon Sales Price List

Sales Price List view allows user to manage product’s selling price list for different period of time.

price-list Purchase Price List

Purchase Price List view allows the user to create and manage vendors’ purchase price list.