Purchase Vouchers view allows user to view and manage projects’ purchase vouchers / invoices for service obtained from vendors. Issuing of the purchase vouchers itself is to be done from “Projects” application.

Below are available actions for the user from “Purchase Vouchers”:

Samooha icon2  View and search for purchase voucher details

Samooha icon2  Issue purchase voucher / invoice: see “Projects” application

Purchase Vouchers - List


View and Search for Purchase Voucher Details:

1. Click on “Purchase Vouchers List” tab at the bottom of screen

2. Enter search parameter to filter the result, i.e. type in which vendor to search for in the “Vendor” text field box or select from drop-down list

3. Result can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the fields’ columns

4. Double click on voucher / invoice document to view full details of the document, it will bring up the details on “Purchase Vouchers Details” tab for the selected document