The Advance Shipment Notice or ASN  is created when the information for the incoming shipments are received Electronically or in a hard copy list into the system. This information will help in the operation process of the warehouse and creating the products detail information in the system. The following procedural steps are as follows:-

1. Click on Inventory tab / Inbound / Advance Shipment Notice

2. Click “Create New” button or select from the list of notices

Create Shipment Notice

3. Fill in the information. Textfields marked with “x” are mandatory.

4. Click “Save” button to save progress

5. Click “Confirm Advance Shipment Notice” then click “Yes” button to confirm the shipment

Shipment Notice Confirm

6. Click “Approve Advance Shipment Notice” then click “Yes” button to approve the invoice

Shipment Notice Approve

7. Click “Create Goods Receipt” then click “OK” button to create goods receipt

Shipment Notice Create Goods Receipt