The purpose of the application is to allow the user to Create New Purchase Order.

The following are the process steps:-

1. Click on Purchase tab / Transactions / Purchase Order

2. Click “Create New” button

Purchase Order New

3. Fill in the vendor information. Textfields marked with “x” are mandatory

4. For Invoice Rule:

  • Immediate if vendor request deposit
  • After Delivery if vendor does not require deposit

5. Choose product(s) to add into the purchase order from the products drop-down list. It can be filtered by “Product Brand” to find specific products

6. Key in quantity for each product (Note: products’ purchase price list must be created first)

Purchase Order New 2

7. Click “Save” button to save progress

8. Click “Confirm Purchase Order” to confirm the purchase order

Purchase Order Confirm

9. Click “Approve Purchase Order” to approve the purchase order

Purchase Order Approve

10. Click “Generate Report” to print or Click ” export_csv_icon ” to export as PDF file

Purchase Order Print

Purchase Order Export

11. Click “Generate Documents” button, select “Generate Delivery Confirmation”, then click “OK” button

Purchase Order Generate Doc

11. Confirm quantities per vendor on the “Delivery Confirmation” form

12. Click “Accept Delivery Confirmation” button then click “Yes” button to accept the delivery confirmation

Purchase Order Accept Doc