The users are able to setup the number of Days in the month of year, when sales activities are carried out. The sales days will be used in Demand Planning for Sales trend modeling and Sales Forecast. Below are available actions for the user from “Sales Days” :

Samooha icon2  Create and updated sales days

Sales Days


Field Name
Mandatory Information
Fiscal Year Select the fiscal year


Fiscal Period It is set by months


Sales Days Number of actual Sales Day planned


Weight Is derived by dividing the Avg Sales Days by sales days


Correction Factor Number of day(s) inputed to correct the sales day accuracy if a mistake is made.



Create/Update Sales Days

1. Select the fiscal year at the top left of the screen. (The fiscal year created from “Account – Master – Fiscal Calendar”).

2. Select the month from “Fiscal Period”, fill up the information and click “Enter” or plus_button at the right middle of the screen.

Sales Days add

3. User is able to view the “Total Sales Days” and “Avg Sales Days” at the right bottom of the screen.

Sales Days total