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Confidentiality Statement


The content of this document shall remain the confidential property of Samooha (S) Pte Ltd (Samooha) and may not be communicated to any other party without prior written approval of Samooha. This document must not be reproduced in whole or in part. It must not be used other than for training purposes except with the prior written consent of Samooha and then only on condition that Samooha’s and any other copyright notices are included in such reproduction. No information as to the contents or subject matter of this training document or any part shall be given or communicated in any manner whatsoever to any third party without the prior written consent of Samooha.

The furnishing of this document is subject to contract and shall not be considered as business process document. Samooha provides this document as guidance only to support the end user in regards to Samooha’s applications.

Samooha warrants that to the best of its knowledge, those who prepared this document have taken all reasonable care in preparing it and believe its contents to be true as of the date of this document.

Samooha cannot however warrant the truth of matters outside its control and accordingly does not warrant the truth of all statements set out in this document to the extent that such statements derive from facts and matters supplied by other persons to Samooha. The statements in this document are qualified accordingly.

Any information provided by Samooha in this document shall be subject to the standard terms and conditions of Samooha for the provision of the training services.