GOOMI Mobile Solution provide user access to some of GOOMI transactions using web browser from any device. This give user mobility to work on the go. Below are guides on how to login and navigate the Mobile Solution website.

The following transactions are currently available in GOOMI Mobile Solution:

my-profile HRMS – My Profile

account-reports Accounts – Statement Of Account Report

trade-order Sales – Sales Orders List

Sales Order - icon Sales – Create Sales Order


Mobile Solution: How to Login

1. Enter user name and password

2. Select a company from “Company” list

3. Select a language from “Language” list

4. Click “Login” button to access GOOMI Mobile Solution site



Mobile Solution: Navigating the Website

1. Click on “Samooha” logo at the top left of screen to return to the main page, from any of GOOMI Mobile Solution webpage

2. Click on user’s name at the top right of screen to access “My Profile” page or to sign out, from any of GOOMI Mobile Solution webpage

3. Click on any of the link to to access GOOMI Mobile Solution transaction page