organization-2  Organization

This module is where you define all the application key settings, user, user rights, approval matrix, languages, etc.. It is mostly reserved to the company administrator

human-resource-2  Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

This module is where the employee can update his password and details and also where they can proceed to make expense claims.

account-2  Accounts

This is the module where all accounting entries are made, either through manual journal entries or through entries generated by the other modules. It is also where all financial activities are done (AR, AP, Treasury, Budgeting, Fixed Assets management)

sales-2  Sales

This module handles all the sales activities from the creation of quotations to the final invoicing. It consists of two main modules, the sell in module which handles the sales to a first level customer and then the sell out module which handles the reporting of the sales done by that customer to its individual customers. It is tightly linked with the inventory module through the issue of a Delivery Order for the WMS process.

purchase-2  Purchase

This module handles all the goods procurement activities from the item requisition (for products touching the inventory) to the purchase requisition for non stock items until the invoicing from the suppliers. It is tightly linked with the inventory module through the issue of a Receipt Order to the WMS process.

inventory-2  Inventory

This module handles all the physical movement of products within the various warehouses. It integrates tightly with the Accounts, Sales, Purchase modules.

supply-chain-2 Supply Chain

The supply chain module handles all the demand and supply planning for items through algorithms that look at historical sales data to extrapolate and propose future sales and necessary procurement activities to support those sales. It takes into account lead time and other factors.

project-2 Project

The project module is used to group all project based sales and procurement activities into a single interface allowing to get full visibility of each project revenue, cost and margin. It also handles the income recognition as the project phases are completed.

pos-2 POS

This module allows to get in one interface all the POS related activities (retail sales, ticket, multi cash registers, etc..) and also manage the Retail Customers information (Retail CRM). There is full support for vouchers and points.

report-2 Reports

Goomi ERP contains a total of over 170 reports that are organized by each section and for which the access can be fully controlled by user.

dashboard-2 Dashboards

The Dashboards gives user a single view of the key performance indicators on the Management reporting for Financial, Operational and Sales performance of the business. The dashboards data are real-time feed, so that at any point in time the management able to see up-to-date analysis of the business performance.

mobile solution Mobile Solution

GOOMI Mobile Solution provide user access to some of GOOMI transactions using web browser from any device. This give user mobility to work on the go.

scanner-icon Scanner Integration

Samooha Warehouse Scanner application work in synch with Samooha application Inventory module for Outbound operation


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