In the Master setup the Day Of Coverage the user can define the Minimum Days of Coverage(Min DOC), Average Days of Coverage(Avg Doc) and Maximum Days of Coverage(Max Doc). Below are available actions for the user from “Days of Coverage” :

Samooha icon2  Create and updated days of coverage

Samooha icon2  Search for product days of coverage

Days of Coverage

The setup parameters is as follows:-

Field Name
Mandatory Information
Product Category Category Hierarchy


Product Category / Product List Of products


Min  Doc Minimum Days Of Cover


Avg.  Doc Average Days Of Cover


Max Doc Maximum Days Of Cover



Create/Update Days of Coverage

1. Select the Product Category or Active/Inactive from the drop-down list at the top left of the screen. (The product created from “Inventory – Master – Products” and product category created from “Inventory – Master – Account Category” ).

2. Click the particular product to be created/updated, key in the DOC and click “Enter”