journal-entry Journal Entry

Journal entry is a record in a journal that keeps accounting transactions in chronological order, i.e. as they occur.

debit-memo Debit Memo

Create and manage debit memo

credit-memo Credit Memo

Create and manage credit memo

non-trade-invoice Non Trade Invoice

Create and manage non trade invoice

receipts Receipts

Create and manage receipts and payments received.

payments Payments

Create and manage payments to creditors.

bank-reconciliation Bank Reconciliation

Create and manage bank reconciliation process.

account-register (2) Account Register

View accounts’ entries for reconciliation and for reconciled entries

account-receivable Account Receivable

View and search for account receivable summary and ageing details of who owes to the company

account-payable Account Payable

View and search for account payable summary and ageing details for selected vendors / employees

tax-register Tax Register

View and manage tax summary and details for applied tax on sales, purchase, and other entries.

User would also be able to export GST Return File (Malaysia only)

approve Approvals

View and search for journal entries pending approval, approve / post journal entry

asset-depreciation Asset Depreciation

Update and post asset depreciation, view and search for asset depreciation details

account-streams Account Streams

View automated system transactions generated from Asset module / Recurring entries. Update and post account stream, view and search for account stream details

audit-trail-register (2) Audit Trail Register

View and search audit log for journal entries that were modified by users