demand group Demand Group

The purpose of the Demand Group application in the Master set menu allows the user to create group codes, which can be attached to the customer for analyzing the demand, supply planning and reporting. 

forecasting group Forecasting Group

The forecasting group is to allow the user to create forecast for the group of products, which will be analyzed in order to create the  supply requirements.

sales days Sales Days

The ability to setup the number of Days in the month of year, when the sales activities will be carried out.

days of coverage Days of Coverage

The Master setup for the Day Of Coverage, the user can define the Minimum Days of Coverage(Min DOC), Average Days of Coverage (Avg Doc) and Maximum Days of Coverage (Max Doc).

vendor setting Vendor Setting

The vendor master setup in Supply Chain Master allows the user to create new, Save, Revert and Delete vendor setup records.

product setting Product Setting

The product settings is where the user can create a product mapping to the selected product category from a Vendor.