receipt-order Receipt Order

The Receipt Order application allows the user to receipt Goods in an Inbound mode into the warehouse. The receipt order will be generated based on the purchase invoice of the ordered goods.

shipment-notice Advance Shipment Notice

An advance shipment notice (ASN) is a notification of pending deliveries, similar to a packing list. In the advance shipment notice screen the user will have a list of ASN. The user can also create new ASN for known incoming shipment, and export the list of incoming shipment to a CSV file.

goods-receipt Goods Receipt

The Inbound Goods receipt application shows the list of products that is going through the receiving process and the status at which the process is. User can update / modify the document based on the received goods. The received goods will then be put away at the warehouse staging area.

customer-returns Customer Returns

The Customer Returns view allows the user to view and inquiry any returns from the customers. The user is also allowed to drill down from any selected transaction to the details of the returns.

putaway Putaway

The putaway process application helps the warehouse to be in a organised manner. The products once received will be accounted for and stored in a predefined location.