Keyboard Shortcut setting view allow user to setup keyboard shortcut keys for Point of Sale Entry View (button actions). Below are available actions for the user from Keyboard Shortcut view:

Samooha icon2 Modify keyboard shortcut keys for available button action (for admin / super users only)

Samooha icon2 View legend / mapping of which keyboard shortcut keys for which action (for all users)

Keyboard Shortcut


Field Name
Mandatory Information
Feature For which feature / application / view, e.g. Point of Sale Entry (cash register)


Action Command Which action does it trigger


Shortcut Text Shortcut button(s)


Key Stroke Event System key stroke event triggered


Modify Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Available Button Action (for Admin Access Only):

1. Enter all mandatory information

2. Click “Save” button to save the keyboard shortcut

3. Click “Revert” to revert back to original keyboard shortcut before information were changed

View Legend / Mapping of Which Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Which Action (for All Users):

1. Information can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the fields’ columns