The Internal Transfer allows the user to transfer products from one location to another within a warehouse, e.g. damaged / expired product is moved to an isolation area for proper disposal and deduction from stock inventory.

Below are available actions for the user from “Internal Transfer” view:

Samooha icon2  Create new internal transfer

Samooha icon2  View and search for internal transfer details

Internal Transfer

Internal Transfer1


Field Name
Mandatory Information
Document Date Creation date of the document Y
Document Number Document number of the internal transfer Y
Reference Number Code for easy reference search of the document N
Branch Name of company’s branch which make the internal transfer Y
Warehouse Self-explanatory Y
Representative Person doing the transfer Y
Description Additional information in regard to the internal transfer document N
Product Brand Select product brand(s) to filter products N
Filter Enter keyword(s) to filter / search for products N
Product Product code of the item Y
Description Description of the item N
UOM Type of the item (Unit of Measure) Y
From Locator The source locator of the stock to be transfer Y
Batch # Batch number of the item to transfer Y
Quantity Number of quantity of the item to transfer Y
To Locator The destination locator of the stock to be transfer Y
Total Quantity Total quantity for all the items on the internal transfer Y


Create New Internal Transfer:

1. Click on “Create New” at the top right of screen of “Internal Product Transfer List” tab, it will open “Internal Product Transfer” tab with empty form

Internal Transfer create1

2. Fill up internal transfer information on the top half of screen

Internal Transfer create

3. Click “Save” button at the bottom right side of screen

4. Filter the products list by selecting a brand from “Product Brand” drop-down list. Add product into the internal transfer by searching for the product from the product drop-down list in the table on “Items / Articles” tab

5. Enter the product’s info and click plus_button button to add the product into the internal transfer

Internal Transfer - add line item 20160818

Note: user can click on Internal Transfer - Check Expired Products button to list all the expired stock in the selected warehouse. Select the expired stock to be transferred to expired locator for disposal. User can use the search engine to filter the list of expired products. Click OK button to add the selected list of product into the Internal Transfer document.

Note: to dispose stock in Expired / Damaged Locator please use Stock Adjustment or Stock Take

Internal Transfer - Expired Products List

6. Repeat steps 4-5 to add more products into the internal transfer

7. Click on “Notes / Attachments” tab at the middle of screen to add notes or files attachment for the internal transfer

8. Click on “Save” button at the bottom right of screen to save

9. Click on “Confirm Internal Transfer” button at the bottom of screen to confirm the internal transfer

Internal Transfer confirm

10. Click on “Post To Inventory” button at the bottom of screen to post the internal transfer

Internal Transfer post

11. Click on “Generate Report” button at the bottom of screen to generate the internal transfer report, a window will come up showing print report options. User can print report, export the report as pdf or excel, or preview the report


View and Search for Internal Transfer Details:

1. Click on “Internal Product Transfer List” tab at the bottom of screen

2. Enter search parameter to filter the result, i.e. type in which warehouse to search for in the“Warehouse” text field box or select from drop-down list

Internal Transfer search

3. Result can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the fields’ columns

4. Double click on a internal transfer document to view full details of the document, it will bring up the details on “Internal Product Transfer” tab for the selected internal transfer