The purpose of this application allows the user to adjust the stock quantity which Erroneous. The following are the process steps:-

1. Click on Inventory tab / Logistics / Stock Adjustment

2. Click “Create New” button

Stock Adjustment

3. Fill in the information. Textfields marked with “x” are mandatory

4. Choose product(s) to adjust from the products drop-down list. It can be filtered by “Product Brand” to find specific products.

5. Key in quantity of item for each product to adjust, increase “+Qty” or reduce “- Qty”

6. Click “Save” button to save progress

7. Click “Confirm Stock Adjustment” button to confirm the transfer

Stock Adjustment Confirm


If Increase Quantity (+Qty)

1. Click “Post To Accounts” button

Stock Adjustment Post Account

2. Click “Putaway” link

Stock Adjustment Putaway

3. Click “Confirm Putaway” button

Stock Adjustment Putaway Confirm

4. Click “Post To Inventory” button

Stock Adjustment Putaway Post


If Reduce Quantity (- Qty)

1. Click “Picking” link

Stock Adjustment Picking

2. Click “Start Picking” button

Stock Adjustment Picking Confirm

3. Click “Post Picking” button

Stock Adjustment Picking Post

4. Click “Post To Accounts” button in Stock Adjustment tab

Stock Adjustment Post Account