purchase forecast group Purchase Forecast Group

The user can establish purchase forecast group to monitor the product Brands activities for purchasing activities.

purchase forecast Purchase Forecast

In the purchase forecast application there are two folders: Purchase Forecast List and Purchase Forecast. In the purchase forecast list the users are able to view the lists of Purchase Forecast, which have different statuses i.e in the Show: Purchases Order Not Created and Purchase Order Created. In the Statuses they can select Draft/Confirm, Draft, Confirm,Approved, Accepted and Closed.

supply forecast Supply Forecast

In the Supply Forecast application the user is able to view all the Forecast that was made based on the following Critirar : Supplier,Forecast Group, Year, From date, Till Date and Doc/Ref#. By double clicking on and of the line item the user is able to get into the detailed Supply Forecast. Once in the supply forecast the user is able to : Create New, Save , Revert and Delete a transaction record.