sales_price_list_icon Sales Price List

Sales Price List view allows user to manage product’s selling price list for different period of time.

trading-terms Trading Terms

Trading terms are key to any business, especially in the wholesales business. The trading terms are used to allow the business to keep track of trading terms to use in relation to the buyer.


Promotions are key in any retail business, the application allows the user to create as many Promotions that the business wants to run and keep track of the success of running such a promotion. 

product-mapping Customer Product Mapping

Create mapping scheme to associate customer’s products’ barcodes with company’s products’ barcode, which can quickly identify the correct product barcode in focus.

commercial-note (2) Commercial Note

Additional invoice notes used for sales customers e.g. to highlight terms and condition as a reminder to initial agreements. 

sell-out-customer Sell Out Store

Sell Out Store is a store of agent / distributor who buys products from the company and sell them to other stores / customers e.g in a franchise / consignment operation; user can create records of stores in GOOMI for customers which manage offtake sales.

product-mapping Store Model

Store Model is a model to replenish a store (warehouse) to a certain stock level as defined in the Store Model; user can define minimum or maximum quantities for a certain product for each store in GOOMI.

product-mapping Zone Groups

Manage partners’ locations into zones / districts, to allows users to sort their order to cash transactions documents according to the defined areas and take actions on these, i.e. manage processing time / delivery management.