Products view allows user to create record of product’s (master) details and it’s accounts settings. User can also see price lists associated with the product, stock movement and usage.

Below actions are available under “Products”:

Samooha icon2  View the list of products by Account Category, Brands and Market

Samooha icon2  Create, revert and delete products.

Samooha icon2  Copy and close the product

Samooha icon2  Import master product(s)

Product - list view

Product - details view

Product - details view - pricing Product - details view - acc settings

Product - details view - BOM

Product - details view - assign branches

Product - details view - notes

Product - details view - stock

Product - details view - usage


Field Name
Mandatory Information
Part Number Code that uniquely identifies the product


WMS Code


Product Name Name of the product


Product Type Select the type of product:

  • Item / Article
  • Service / Charge
  • Made To Order (for delivery order to customer) – Samooha Project only


UOM Type of the item – Unit of Measure


Category Select the category of the product


Bar Code Bar code number


HS Code


Customs Duty Select the duty’s fees if there is any apply to the product


Product Brand Select the brand of product


Market Category Select the market category


Length (cm) Self-explanatory


Width (cm) Self-explanatory


Height (cm) Self-explanatory


Weight (kg) Self-explanatory


Trade Type Sale, Purchase, or both


Country of Origin The country of manufacture or production where the product comes from.


Available From Start date of the product


Discontinue From End date of the product


Replacement For Self-explanatory


Replaced By Self-explanatory


Description Additional information for the product


Picking Method Select a Picking Method for the Product:

  • First Expired First Out (FEFO)
  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Last In Last Out (LIFO)


Shelf Life (Days) Shelf life of product in number of days.


Has Bill of Materials Tick the checkbox, if the item is a BOM


Is Active

Tick the checkbox, if the product is active in the system and in use.



Create New Product:

1. Click on “Create New Product” at the top right of screen of “Products List” tab, it will open “Product Details” tab with empty form

Product - create new

2. Fill up product’s information on the top half of screen. Fields in red color or marked with red x are mandatory information.

Product - create new - header

There are 3 product types:

  • Item / Article: item type that may have both revenue and / or expense
  • Service / Charge: service / charge rendered to customer / by vendor
  • Made To Order: manufactured type of product, made order to be deliver to project customer (Samooha Project only)


Replacement For” and “Replaced By” are properties that are used only in the supply chain module. It will put the historical data for the products having “Replaced By” and combine it into the “Replacement For” product sales history. This will allow users to keep track of the historical performance of products when there is a product replacement (packaging, naming, etc…)

If product is assembled type, tick “Has Bill of Materials” checkbox. The “BOM” tab will then be available for user to enter the parts required to assemble this product.

Picking Method” defines how the product inventory will be handled during sales batch reservation / logistics picking process. This will use the default picking method defined in the application, but user can select a different method. Enter value of “Shelf Life (Days)” of product in number of days. This value is use to auto calculate an expiry date of the product if users did not enter specific manufacturing date in transactions.

There are 3 types of “Picking Method“:

  • First Expired First Out (FEFO)
  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Last In Last Out (LIFO)

3. Click “Save” button at the bottom right side of screen to save. Saving a product record with “Is Active” checkbox ticked will confirm the product. Alternatively click on “Confirm Product” button at the middle of the screen to confirm the item.

Product - header info

Note: User is able to copy an already created product to generate a similar new product record by clicking on “Copy Product” button. This will allow user to quickly create multiple products records for the same group / brand. Please note that “Part Number” must be unique.

4. User can add image(s) in the “Product Image” tab

Product - image

Admin only – Location to store images usually was setup by admin. The settings can be found under “Organization (Settings) – Default Settings“.

Product - default settings - remote file

5. On “Pricing” tab, any price lists associated with the product will be automatically shown here when the price list was created, e.g. Sales Price List, “Purchase Price List”, etc.

Product - pricing

6. Accounts settings for the product will be shown on “Account Setting” tab. These settings shows which accounts were used for postings of sales / purchase / inventory transactions of the product.

Product - acc settings

7. If the product is an assembled product type (“Has Bill of Materials” checkbox was ticked), “BOM” tab will be available for selection to add the BOM items (product’s parts). Enter the product’s (part) info and click plus_button button to add the product into the BOM list for product assembly.

Product - BOM parts

8. On “Assigned Branches” tab, a default branch (e.g. HQ) has been automatically assigned for the new product. To assign another branch for the product, select available branch from the bottom left table and click ” assign_button ” button in middle of screen

Product - assigned branches

9. Click on “Notes / Attachments” tab at the middle of screen to add notes or files attachment for the product

10. On “Stock” tab, the stock’s availability in different warehouses and movement such as “Stock Transfer” will be updated automatically once there is any movement to the product’s inventory.

Product - stock

11. On “Usage” tab, the usage of the product will updated automatically if there is any usage for BOM / product assembly.

Product - usage

12. User can close or reopen a product record. Closed product record will be inactive and not available for selection in transactions. User is not allowed to edit product information when the product record is closed. Click on “Close” or “Reopen” button at middle of the screen in order to close or reopen the product.

Product - confirmed to close

Product - closed to reopen


Update Product Details:

1. On “Products List” tab double click on product to be updated, it will bring up the details on“Product Details” tab for the selected product.

2. Make change(s) on the product’s information

3. Click on “Save” button at the bottom of screen when done

4. Click on “Revert” button at the bottom of screen or refresh icon at the top of the screen to roll back the changes

5. In the products list view if you select a product (row) and right-click on the mouse, a menu will pop-up with options available for the selected product. To select multiple rows, hold Ctrl button and click on the rows to select.

Product - list view options B

The users will have the following options to update the selected products:

Samooha icon2  Move to Another Category

Samooha icon2  Make Selected Product(s) Active

Samooha icon2  Make Selected Product(s) Inactive

Samooha icon2  Delete Product(s)

Samooha icon2 Confirm Product (if product status is drafted / not yet confirmed)

Samooha icon2 Mass Product Update

6. “Mass Product Update” feature allow user to update particular data field(s) of multiple product records. For example, update the “Product Brand” and / or “Country of Origin” of multiple products.  Click “Update” button to apply the entered data updates.

Product - mass update


Delete Product:

1. On “Products List” tab double click on product to be deleted, it will bring up the details on“Product Details” tab for the selected product.

2. Click on “Delete” button at the bottom of screen

3. Click on “Yes” button on the pop-up window to confirm record deletion

Product - deleting


View and Search for Product Details:

1. Click on “Product List” tab at the bottom of screen

2. Enter search parameter to filter the result, i.e. type in which product to search for in the“Product” text field box or select from drop-down list

Product - list view filters

Samooha icon2  Only Active Products

Samooha icon2  Only Inactive Products

Samooha icon2  Both Active / Inactive Products

Samooha icon2  Only Non Assembled Products

Samooha icon2  Only Assembled Products

Samooha icon2  Assembled / Non Assembled Products

Samooha icon2  Product Details

3. Result can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the fields’ columns

4. Double click on product to view full details of the product, it will bring up the details on “Product Details” tab for the selected product

5. In the products list view if you select a product (row) and right-click on the mouse, a menu will pop-up with options available for the selected product

Product - list view options A

The users will have the following options to view further details on the selected product:

Samooha icon2  Show product details

Samooha icon2  Show Product Sales Analysis

Samooha icon2  Show Product Purchase Analysis

Samooha icon2  Show Product Register

Samooha icon2  Show Product Ageing Register