The Work Order view list all work orders to transfer inventory from one locator to another. Work order document is created from Samooha’s Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) application for the following transactions (work order type):

  • Inbound    – Putaway
  • Outbound – Picking
  • Outbound – Packing
  • Outbound – Goods Delivery

Work orders have 3 status: :

  • To be Started: when it is first created
  • Started: work in progress
  • Completed: inventory transferred

User can confirm the work order using GOOMI application and post the work order to inventory.

Work Order - List

Work Order - Details


Field Name
Mandatory Information
Document Date Self-explanatory Y
Document # Self-explanatory Y
Reference # Self-explanatory N
Branch Self-explanatory Y
Warehouse Self-explanatory Y
Work Order Type Self-explanatory Y
Started On Self-explanatory Y
End Date Self-explanatory Y
Source Document Self-explanatory Y
Note Self-explanatory N
Part Number Product part number Y
Product Name Name of the product Y
Batch Number Self-explanatory Y
UOM Unit of Measure, type of the item Y
Qty Quantity to be transferred Y
Moved Qty Quantity moved / taken from source Y
Transferred Qty Quantity transferred to / arrived at destination Y
Assigned To Person assigned to do the work order Y


View, Search, and Post Work Order Details

1. Click on “Work Order List” tab at the bottom of screen

2. Enter search parameter to filter the result, i.e. type in the work order type in the search textfield box at the bottom of the screen.

3. Double click on work order to view, it will bring up the details on “Work Order Details” tab for the selected document

4. Click on “Confirm Work Order” button at the bottom of screen to confirm completed work order

5. Click on “Post To Inventory” button at the bottom of screen to post the completed work order to inventory