One of an important feature of Samooha PMM is to review the projects summary using different filters. The main filters to see the list of projects, revenues and costs are; Brand, Product, Activity, Client, Client Manager, Split Account etc.

Below are available actions for the user from “Project Register”:

Samooha icon2  View and print projects’ summary

Samooha icon2  View details of a project

Project Register


Field Name Explanation Mandatory Information
Brand Select a brand N
Product Select a product N
Activity Select an activity N
Client Manager Select a client manager N
Client Select a client N
Analytical Plan Select a analytical channel N
Fiscal Select a fiscal year Y
Split Account Select a split account N
Date Date of the document Y
Document # Documents code / number Y
Client Client code and name Y
Activity Type of activity of the project Y
Brand Brand of customer’s of the project Y
Total Sales Project total sales value Y
Total Purchase Project total purchase value N
Promised Delivery Date Promised date to deliver the project Y
Status Status of the project Y


View and Print Projects’ Summary:

1. Enter search parameters to filter listed project documents using the drop-down lists at the top of screen. For example, select a brand or type in the brand name in the “Brand” drop-down list at the top left of screen. User can also select all brands from the list

2. Enter search parameter to filter listed project documents, i.e. type in the document number in the search textfield box at the bottom left of the screen

Project Register - filters

3. Enter “From Date” and “To Date” at the bottom of screen to further filter the listed projects within certain period of time

4. User can also filter the project documents listed by the different status (e.g. “Recognized“, “Completed Date“, “On Going“, “Completed“, etc) from the drop-down list at the bottom of the screen

Project Register - status

5. Total amount of listed projects’ purchases and sales were shown at the top right of screen. At the bottom right of screen, user can also see these values as percentage of total sales figures

6. Click “Print” button at bottom right of screen to print summary of projects

Project Register - total and print

7. Click on the down arrow sign on the bottom left of screen to hide the graph. Click on the up arrow sign on the bottom left of screen to show the graph again.


View Details of a Project:

1. Enter search parameter to find a project document, i.e. type in the document number in the search textfield box at the bottom left of the screen

2. Right click on a project document (row), it will pop up option window. Select “Show Project Details” option to open the project document details

Project Register - option