work-order Work Order

The work order is only enabled when the scanner application is enabled in the company/inventory settings. It will then change the picking and packing workflow to introduce work orders. Work Orders can be generated as one to one or as one to many for picking. They then can be assigned and released for processing by the warehouse operators.

stock-import Stock Import

Stock Import allows user to import products’ stock into the system inventory. This is usually done when user first use the system, to populate it with their existing inventory. This process does not post to balance sheet account, it only post to inventory.

stock-transfer Stock Transfer

Stock Transfer allows user to transfer products’ stock from one warehouse to another or direct to stores or from store to store.

transfer receipt2 Transfer Receipt

The Transfer Receipt will allow the user to process stocks receipt for receiving warehouse or store of stock transfer.

cost-adjustment Cost Adjustment

The Cost Adjustment view allows user to adjust the cost of particular batch of products’ in stock inventory and post the adjustments directly to the accounting module.

stock-taking Stock Take

Stock Take view allows user to track stock take progress in a warehouse and update the inventory information based on the stock take report.

stock-adjustment Stock Adjustment

The Stock Adjustment view allows the user to adjust stock inventory of products in the warehouse or store location.

product assembly2 Product Assembly

The Product Assembly view allows user to process assembling of products into another product at the warehouse or store location.

product-disassembly Product Disassembly

The Product Disassembly allows the user the view to process all  dis-assembling of product into its parts at the warehouse location.

internal-transfer Internal Transfer

The Internal Transfer allows the user to transfer products from one location to another within a warehouse, e.g. damaged product is moved to an isolation area for proper disposal and deduction from stock inventory.