How to issue Gift Vouchers in POS?


The purpose of this application is for the business to keep track of the issuing (GV) and redeeming( customer purchase) using the Gift Voucher. It facilitates the security and accountability aspects in the form of an Audit trail to monitor the Sales and Redemption of GV Centrally at Company HQ.

In order to issue a Gift Voucher to a customer the following steps are as follows :-

1. Click on POS tab/Transactions/Voucher.

2. Search and select an existing Voucher (if any) from voucher list to issue to customer. Select customer from “Issued To” list in “Voucher” tab, click “Save” button, then click “Confirm Voucher” button



To issue a new voucher:

1. Click on “Voucher” tab at the bottom, fill up information

2. Click “Create New” button, then click “Confirm Voucher” button

Voucher 2



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